What does inactive mean?

Existing users in LARS/HSElife NL, who are not linked by their owner to a user package, cannot do new or refresh training courses and also have no access to the two HSE management platforms.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Every subscription is for the duration of 1 year and cannot be cancelled within this first year. After the first year you can cancel every 2 months. Just go to your account, my subscription and click on cancel subscription. You will receive an email with the enddate of your subscription.

What is the extra tool ‘XLR Academy’?

The XLR Academy is a training support tool to decrease loss of training knowledge by providing 5 home-made questions and solutions on HSE issues to its own employees every month. If you are an owner of the platform, go to ‘my account’ then ‘manage tools’ and choose to start the XLR Academy. Follow the steps to configure the XLR Academy and start adding questions and making sure knowledge does not fade away.

This extra tool is inclusive in the membership, no extra costs!

What is the extra tool OPS Life Messenger?

It is a two way communication system to inform your team, collegue or the whole organization directly, to make requests, to focus on a topic and to test knowledge and gaining feedback and input. A two-way communication system which provides the team leader organisation with direct, efficient and secure communication in the total workplace through a request.

To start this extra tool as an owner of the platform. Login at hseqdirect.com go to ‘my account’ and then ‘manage tools’choose ‘OPSLife Messenger’.

Can HSEQ Direct be used by students?

Yes, we believe that you can never start too soon with raising awareness for safety in the workplace. Therefore, we support any student, all over the world, who is following a study that includes HSEQ and/or is writing a thesis, to use our documents on hseqdirect.com for 3 months, completely free.

Which tools and services do we offer?

We offer:

  • a full HSEQ library in a digital format (or self-printable) to allow companies to focus on a specific HSEQ Direct subject
  • virtual training modules to provide mandatory induction training and refreshers with registration of results and an overview in a Learning and Registration system. The modules can be assessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • action focus campaigns to increase awareness of specific themes or activities. It’s a set of online and offline tools (self-printable) with clear instructions, focused not only to inform your team but also to receive feedback, making it possible to improve the way you operate.
  • Extra tools:
    knowledge maintenance: a training support tool (XLR Academy) to decrease loss of training knowledge through five self-made or ready-to-use monthly questions and solutions about HSEQ issues to incite ongoing engagement.
    Learning and Registration System (LARS): an online training and certification registration system to be used on any device, anytime and anywhere, to automatically register the employee training certificates and enable companywide supervision and control.
    A two-way communication system (OPS Life Messenger 2.0) to inform your team directly, to make requests, to focus on a topic and to test knowledge by sending notification, informing or asking for a response.

Why is HSEQ Direct unique?

HSEQ Direct unique, in that sense, to incorporate the LEMACORE method in providing a complete HSEQ solution, from offering no-nonsense essential HSEQ information and training modules to maintaining acquired knowledge.