How can I register?

Fill in your name and email address on the promo website. You will then receive your login details to experience the new global online all-in-one HSEQ management system completely free for 14 days.
In the second week you will receive a reminder to decide if you want to subscribe to our system.
After this trial period you only pay a small monthly fee of € 100 and € 1 per user per month (all prices are excluding taxes). You can then decide which package you want to purchase.
Visit our website for more information about the packages. After logging in, you will find the packages on the ‘my account’ page. The packages are the number of users. Subscriptions are billed monthly and in your own currency. Rates are calculated on the day of payment.

What’s our mission?

It is our mission to deliver a set of essential risk awareness information and training modules to the workforce around the world, and to maintain the acquired knowledge with a sole purpose of reducing workplace related accidents.

What are HSEQ’s Direct major benefits?

To save costs of purchasing and/or having to invent safety solutions. Companies only pay a small montly fee of € 100 and € 1 per user per month. All prices are excluding taxes.
HSEQ Direct is the world’s first fully turnkey platform that manages, monitors and controls communications and training regarding Health, Safety, Environment and Quality 100% digitally.

What’s HSEQ Direct’s goal?

Its goal is to improve your company’s safety performance, to promote a strong safety culture and to reduce substantially your HSEQ spendings – resulting in less incidents.

What is HSEQ Direct?

HSEQ Direct is a global online all-in-one Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System incorporating interactive learning, certification, communication and registration – vital for any workplace involving risks, in any industry, anywhere. Designed for the manager and to be used specifically in the worplace. In other words, for the workforce that is facing hazards and risks during it daily activities. HSEQ Direct is the result of more than 25 years of experience and extensive research, production en development of award winning HSEQ management systems.