Basic HSE information about Work permits and set of tools to be used at work.

Work permits

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  1. Undertake the correct safety precautions and check them regularly.
  2. Discuss the risks of the job and its safety precautions beforehand, with all involved (toolbox meeting).
  3. Conduct a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) of the workplace immediately before starting the job and upon any changes to the situation.
  4. Stop work immediately if anything unexpected happens (such as an incident or an alarm sounding) or if you are in any doubt, and contact your HSE Manager.
  5. Tidy up the workplace regularly and sign off the job at the end of the day.


A Permit to Work is used:

  • to record agreed arrangements
  • to recognize hazards and risks
  • to specify mandatory precautionary measures
  • to promote good communication between all parties
  • to ensure the work is undertaken safely
  • to prevent incidents

Work permits are applicable to all activities carried out on land and at sea. For (high) risk work, a supplementary work permit may be required and appended to the work permit. Ask your company for further information including how to complete a Permit to Work.


Major hazards could arise from the following:

  • incorrect type of Permit to Work used
  • incorrect information on the Permit to Work relating to the required work
  • failure to recognise the hazards where work is carried out
  • failure to adhere to the terms of the work permit
  • failure to hand-over the workplace in safe condition upon completion of work
  • cancellation of the Permit to Working
  • unauthorised personnel performing functions requiring a Permit to Work


If an activity and the associated risks cannot be clearly surveyed and properly managed, a Task Risk Analysis must be undertaken in addition with the work permit. Ask your company about the validity of a work permit.

To ensure a safe work environment, ask your HSE Manager to explain the safety precautions in place.


Ask your company about the tasks and responsibilities of those involved in a work permit.

Person In Control
Any individual issued with a Permit to Work must be competent and fully conversant with the requirements of the work and the safety procedures to be followed. They should also have knowledge of the appropriate emergency procedures, including rescue procedures. Ask your company for further information in relation to this.

The Permit to Work must contain details of:

  • the permit number
  • the date and time of issue
  • the estimated duration of the work
  • the exact work location
  • a description of the work
  • the anticipated hazards, risks and probable result should the risk be realised
  • the precautions to be observed
  • any appropriate test procedures
  • the emergency procedures
  • an acknowledgment, in the form of a signature, that the person in control of the work understands the work, the hazards and the precautions to be taken
  • a signature of the person in charge of the work when it is completed or partially completed due to an unforseen delay
  • a signature cancelling on the Permit to Work by the person who issued it

Ask your company for more detailed information.


Any incident that occurs during work can have a severe impact on people, installations and the environment. Ensure that you are familiar with the right procedure in case incidents occur. If not, ask your company for details.

Start your daily work with safety!

Onscreen presentation is very useful to use during work preparation or toolbox meetings. It provides short and concrete information. Five questions and answers at the end of presentation can be used to make the meeting more interactive and to give conversation a boost.

Be always prepared for the work!

It is of utmost importance to be well prepared before you start the work.
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