Basic HSE information about Caustic Soda and set of tools to be used at work


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Always remember these five points!

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  1. Caustic Soda is highly aggressive and corrosive.
  2. Work upwind and ensure the workplace is properly ventilated.
  3. Do not attempt to clear up spills yourself, instead warn your HSE Manager.
  4. Know what to do in the event of an emergency; ask your HSE Manager about this.
  5. Use the correct PPE; ask your HSE Manager about this.


Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide is a highly aggressive and corrosive substance that absorbs moisture from the environment.

Its main uses are in the manufacture of pulp and paper, alumina, soap and detergents, petroleum products and chemicals. Inhalation of vapors or spray mist may produce severe irritation of the respiratory tract. Anyone coming into contact with Caustic Soda may suffer serious burns.

Caustic Soda is harmful to your health and the environment.



  • extremely aggressive and corrosive
  • reacts violently with acids and chlorine
  • generates large amounts of heat when dissolved in water (risk of forming corrosive mists)


  • familiarize yourself with the workplace situation prior to commencing any tasks
  • discuss the safety risks in detail; ask your HSE Manager about this
  • take necessary precautions as prescribed by your company
  • know what to do in the event of an emergency; ask your HSE Manager about this
  • work upwind and make sure the workplace is properly ventilated


Discuss with your HSEQ Manager the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment that should be used. Ensure that you follow all the correct procedures and maintain all items in good condition.


  • inhalation (vapors or spray mist): remove the affected person to fresh air; if necessary, administer artificial respiration until professional help arrives
  • eye contact: immediately rinse with water and Diphoterine (if available in the workplace)
  • skin contact: immediately remove all contaminated clothing (do not pull away) and rinse with water
    and Diphoterine (if available in the workplace) as soon as possible
  • if swallowed: rinse mouth with water and spit out rinse; never induce vomiting!
  • spills: do not clean up spills yourself, notify your HSE Manager who will ensure that the spill is cleaned
    up expertly and safely

Start your daily work with safety!

Discuss the information about Caustic Soda with your team members. Walk through all aspects of it that you saw in Workplace information above. To assist you during the talk, use the onscreen presentation that you can download below.

Be always prepared for the work!

It is of utmost importance to be well prepared before you start the work.
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